The Best Quiet Keyboards 2020

When you’re purchasing your desktop PC, or are considering an external keyboard for your laptop, you’re looking for the best keyboard that fits your situation.

There are many options – size, how the keyboard feels in your hands, what color it is, whether or not it’s a mechanical gaming keyboard or just going to be used for typing. In this post, we’ll look at one type of keyboard you may be looking for: a quiet keyboard.

Some people love the loud clacking of a mechanical keyboard. It just sounds so satisfying. Every press has that punch to it that other keyboards don’t. However, there are many reasons why you might want quiet keyboards. Maybe you have a roommate who is fast asleep when you’re gaming. Perhaps you work anywhere and everywhere and want a keyboard for computer use that won’t disturb the public. Perhaps you just dislike the noise. Whatever the case, we are not here to judge.

In this post, we’ll look at the best keyboards for computers that are as quiet as possible. Let’s begin.

What Should I Look for When Buying Quiet Keyboards?

When looking for the best quiet keyboards, there are several factors you may consider. Let’s discuss them.

Sound Level

This one is obvious. You want a keyboard that is quiet. A loud mechanical keyboard may not work for your situation. However, you can find a silent keyboard that is mechanical, if you so wish. Obviously, this one is a little subjective. Before you order, perhaps find a video of the keyboard being used and decide if it’s quiet enough for what you’re looking for. Also, look to switches. Replacing the switches on your keys can keep your keyboard quiet, which is the way many people go when they want a quieter keyboard.

Wired vs Wireless

Nowadays, you can find a wireless keyboard that works well and is affordable. Both sides have their advantages. With a wired keyboard and mouse, you have the least amount of input lag. Plus, it’s easier to plug it in. Just plug it into a USB receiver port and you’re good to go.

The wireless keyboard and mouse will take up less clutter on your desktop, and it’s much more portable. However, connecting it to Bluetooth can be annoying at times, especially if you have other devices connected. Not to mention, the wireless keyboard is battery powered, so you have to replace or recharge it. Usually, a wireless keyboard and mouse can last for a good while on a single charge, but it’s something else you have to worry about.

What Function Will It Be Used For?

Sometimes, having a keyboard that is meant for all uses is fine, but there are other times where you might want a keyboard that works for a certain function. For example, there is the gaming keyboard. This is a keyboard that has keys designed for gaming and has the least amount of lag. In addition, the gaming keyboard can last for a long time. If you’re PC Gamer who refuses to touch a controller, this can be for you.

Others may want a numeric keypad keyboard, especially if they crunch numbers. You may also want a writing keyboard, which can last a while and has some quiet keys to boot.

Some people may want a small, travel-sized keyboard. This especially applies if you connect your computer to your TV, or you need an extra little keyboard for your laptop.

How Does It Feel to Type?

Knowing the keyboard’s keystrokes is also important. Some keyboards have keys that are soft to touch, and others require more pressure. There are some who like lighter keys for gaming, while others like the heavier feel. This is going to be subjective. Think of keyboards as cars. All cars have similar controls, but they all have a different feel. While we can adjust to a certain feel, there’s always one type that we may prefer.

Low or High Profile?

A low profile keyboard has a small size or low profile keys that don’t take up too much space. They aren’t like mechanical keyboards. You may associate low profile keys with a keyboard built-into the laptop. Meanwhile, a high profile is bigger. If you have bigger hands or want more room, you may want high profile instead of low profile keys.


There are keyboards, typically RGB, that light up. This can help you if you work or game at night. Also, they just look cool! An illuminated keyboard could be just what you’re looking for, so try it out and see if it’s for you.

Other keyboards have letters that glow. This minimalist illumination may work if you’re looking for a quiet keyboard for typing. Either way, glowing keys just work in most cases.

Other Add Ons

Some keyboards have extra functions. You can control the volume, play video, and perform several other tasks that may require a little extra work if you decided to go with a plain keyboard. There are keyboards that have a touchpad, which can act as a mouse. Speaking of a mouse, some keyboards come bundled with a mouse, which can be quite convenient.

Some keyboards come with a wrist rest, which can keep your rests calm when you are typing on the keys. However, you can also buy a wrist rest separately if you want to.

Finally, Price

It’s important to find the best quiet keyboards for computer use by looking at your budget. If you have more money to spend, buying a full size mechanical gaming keyboard with all the extra functions may help you. With that said, you may be on a budget and are looking for a mid range. A cheap keyboard won’t last long, but you shouldn’t go broke trying to buy a keyboard. Having a happy medium may be ideal for you.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Quiet Keyboards

We looked at several types of quiet keyboard, all from different budgets. We tried to find mechanical keyboards, full size, smaller, and everything in-between. In addition, we looked at the reviews and read their sentiments. With any keyboard, there’s going to be a minority who were not satisfied, but we looked for keyboards that had an overall positive score.

With all of this out of the way, let’s now look at the keyboards best suited for quietness.

#1: Logitech K740 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The first keyboard on this list of best quiet keyboards has to be one that is good for most people. We believe that the Logitech K740 fits that bill. It’s professional-looking, yet sleek, making it appeal to most people. The price is mid-range, making it good for most budgets. Finally, Logitech is a name brand keyboard that most people have used.

The K740 uses Logitech’s PerfectStroke system to make every press quiet, fluid, and above all easy. This keyboard is full size and has a wide variety of keys, including a number pad. It’s a plug and play, too. This means that you plug it in and it works just fine. It’s a thin keyboard, too, despite its large size.

Finally, this quiet keyboard has a backlight. Every key is backlit, and you can adjust the brightness manually. This quiet keyboard is intuitive, fun, and the first selection to look at if you’re looking for quiet keyboards.

Reviews of this keyboard have been positive overall. Most people say that this is one of the best plug and play quiet keyboards for the price, with whisper quiet noise and everything you’d need. One reviewer said this keyboard lasted them 9 years. This is one of those keyboards that can be used for almost anything, from gaming to typing.

There were some negative reviews, mostly centering around people who got duds or people who broke theirs. However, they are in the minority.

Overall, if you’re looking for whisper quiet silent keyboards, this may be the first one you should look at. Also, try the Logitech K800 if you’re wanting something similar, but wireless. Logitech is a brand that some people are tired of seeing due to its dominance in stores, but there is a reason why it’s still popular. Sometimes, it’s okay to go mainstream.

#2: Drop ALT Cherry MX Brown RGB (Best Keyboard)

When buying a keyboard for computers you built, you tend to want the most expensive product you can afford. If your budget is higher, then this mechanical keyboard may be for you. Yes, this is a gaming keyboard that manages to be quiet.

This is one of those gaming keyboards that doesn’t have a full size layout. It’s quite compact, having 67 keys and not 87. Therefore, the Cherry MX may turn off some people because of that. However, don’t let the size fool you. This quiet keyboard uses every bit of its small space.

This keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which means they have the tactile bump you expect from gaming keyboards, but they are silent. Yes, this is a silent keyboard and one that is great for most uses. You can also swap the switches without any soldering. It just takes seconds.

The Cherry MX is also solid. It has an aluminum frame that allows it to take some bumps. You don’t have to worry too much about this quiet keyboard breaking down any time soon. You do get what you pay for.

Finally, this keyboard has backlighting and underlighting that is customizable. With millions of customizable colors to choose from, this is one of the most stylish gaming keyboards around.

Reviews of this silent keyboard are highly positive. Most people say that this is the best mechanical keyboard on the market today that’s low profile. Plus, this was a silent keyboard if you got the Cherry MX Brown model. Some criticisms include the keyboard being too small, having poor RGB configuration, or people getting duds in the mail. Otherwise, this silent keyboard is worth the steep price.

Overall, this is an expensive keyboard, but it’s one of the best if you’re looking for a sleek mechanical keyboard with tiny keys. You may wonder why this keyboard is so expensive, but once you try it, you’ll know exactly why it is.

#3: Arteck 2.4 Ghz (Best Wireless)

If you’re looking for the best quiet, low profile computer, a wireless is good for that. Back in the day, the wireless keyboard was a little less reliable, but nowadays, you can find good wireless keyboards that can get the job done. This wireless is no exception.

First, the 2.4 GHz doesn’t require any complex setup. Just plug in the USB receiver and then you can use the keyboard. Simple as that. The keyboard itself is low profile and is quite ergonomic to use, but the keys manage to be full size despite its thin design.

One awesome feature of this keyboard is that you don’t have to worry about charging. Just a few years ago, you’d have to buy some AA or AAA batteries for the keyboard. Those AAA batteries could pop out, and they would last for a few months, but at the end of the day, you’d still have to buy extra AAA batteries.

However, this keyboard is completely rechargeable, and if you’re using the keyboard for a couple of hours, it should last for six months on a single charge.

Reviews have been quite positive, with most people saying that this was a lovely wireless quiet keyboard. People say the USB receiver is easy to use, it’s quiet, and it looks great.

Negative reviews tend to focus around people who had duds. Interestingly, the customer service is polarizing. The positive reviewers say that customer service helped when they were having problems. However, some negative reviews say they could never get hold of someone to talk to.

Overall, this is a great wireless keyboard. While wireless keyboards are not as lag free as the corded ones, they can come pretty close nowadays. In fact, unless you’re a hardcore gamer who needs a keyboard with no lag, you may not notice the difference. Try this out and see if it’s good for you.

#4: VicTsing (Best Low Cost)

You may think that a keyboard for under $20 wouldn’t be that good, but this is one of the best quiet keyboards for a low price. This is a metal keyboard that is quite sturdy and even has the RGB colors you may associate with more expensive keyboards.

The keys themselves are medium height and allows for the smoothest experience possible. This is one of those silent keyboards that uses a crater keys to make the magic happen without making much sound. Not to mention, the company that has made this gaming keyboard has promised fast customer service, which cannot be said about other companies.

With the cheap price, you may think the reviews for this quiet keyboard may not be too good. However, it has positive reviews. Most people say that it’s a good keyboard for gaming and for those with typing experience. It’s one of those silent keyboards that functions well despite the price. Some people who were more critical seemed to have bought duds. One common complaint was the letters smearing off. However, the manufacturer of this quiet keyboard addressed every review, which was quite nice to see.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good keyboard for the price. When you’re building a powerful gaming PC, you may want to focus your budget on the motherboard, graphics card, and other essential parts. When it comes to the keyboard, something cheaper like this may work for a while until you’re ready to upgrade.

#5: Logitech K400 (Best Keyboard with Touchpad)

You can find many mouse and keyboard combinations, but some keyboards have a touchpad built-in that you can use like a mouse. This is a good keyboard for travel, or if you’re using a TV as a monitor. Either way, this keyboard is slim, has a 33 foot range, and is quite easy to connect as well.

This 2.4 GHZ wireless keyboard has convenient features, such as media volume control and an intuitive touchpad. Also, its battery life is up to 18 months, making it one of the best quiet keyboards for its battery life. Finally, the keyboard itself is decently quiet.

What do the reviews say? Reviews of this keyboard have been quite positive, with most saying it’s one of the best low profile quiet keyboards around. While not a fancy mechanical, gaming keyboard, it’s great for casual typing, TV use, and travel. Negative reviews mostly center around duds or claims the old model is better.

Overall, this a convenient little keyboard. With a small frame and quiet keys, this is a subtle keyboard that the whole family will love. Try it out and see how well it works for your family. You’ll be glad you did.

On a Budget? Try These:

If you need a cheap keyboard, you’ve come to the right place. While these quiet keyboards may not be high quality, they are good if you’re looking for cheap, silent keyboards. Most will still work just fine, especially if you need one for casual use.

#1 Budget: Adesso

Here’s a unique keyboard that rolls up, can be washed, and is great for travel. It has also received positive reviews, minus one who claims it bricked their PC. However, for a keyboard you can hang up on the clothesline, that may be a small price to pay. It’s definitely one of the more unique keyboards on the list, that’s for sure.

#2 Budget: Logitech MK120

Here’s a nice little keyboard and mouse combo that should work for most people. This is one of those silent keyboards that’s cheap, quiet, and has good reviews. If you’re looking for a combo on a budget, this is for you. Being a Logitech, you can find this one in any traditional brick and mortar store.

#3 Budget: Dynex Wired Membrane

Finally, we have this keyboard. For the price, we may not expect the best keyboard ever; it’s not something we’d use for gaming or anything similar. However, for that price, you really can’t go wrong. This may be good as a temporary keyboard while you’re looking to get something even better.

How Do I Make My Keyboard Less Noisy?

If you are stuck with a loud keyboard, especially a clacking mechanical keyboard, you may wonder if there’s any way you can make it less noisy – besides buying a new keyboard, of course. Maybe you bought a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches, and while you like it, you want one that is a bit more quiet. Here are several ways to make your keyboard a little less noisy.

Buy Quiet Mechanical Switches

With a mechanical keyboard, what makes it loud are the switches. Underneath every key, there is a plastic slider. When you press them, the slider is depressed. In other words, this is what makes it loud. Modern keyboards use a membrane, which is a rubber sheet that helps to cover up the loudness.

Some people prefer the loudness. There’s just something satisfying about the clacks of the keys when you’re gaming or typing. However, not everyone wants a loud keyboard. Especially as mechanical boards become more popular for typing and gaming.

This is why the silent switch was invented. While they still make a bit of noise, they can reduce the loudness by a lot.

One manufacturer of these switches is Cherry. #2 on this list is a product from them. They have switches available in different colored designs. The Silent Red is good for gamers because it’s lighter, while the Black is a heavier model. Perhaps the quietest is its Brown switches.

The point is to look for switches for your keys that are a little quieter. This can reduce the loudness while typing or gaming. While not completely silent, it is a good start.

Add Padding

Another way you can make it a little quieter is to purchase o-rings. These are meant to seal gaskets, but you can put it around the stems of keys to reduce the sound a little bit. It’s one of those solutions that’s not foolproof, as the switches are still there.

Another solution is to purchase foam pads or clips designed to make the keys a little less loud. Also, using a bit of lubrication can help reduce the sounds of oversized keys, for example, the spacebar.

Building Your Own

You may also look into building your own keyboard, if you’re looking for the highest quality keyboard for typing or for hardcore gaming use.

While the ultimate solution is to buy a quieter one, these are just some steps you can take if you want quieter keys for the keyboard you already use.

What Is the Most Silent Switch?

If you want a quieter mechanical keyboard for typing, it’s important you replace the switches of the keys. However, you may wonder what the most silent one is.

One good switch you can choose is the Healios from Zeal PC. This is a quiet switch that uses a bumper to get rid of sounds both above and below it. While this switch is a bit heavy, most people shouldn’t have problem pressing the keys while typing.

These switches are a little expensive, costing in the $1.20 price range. A dollar and two dimes may not sound expensive, but if you have a keyboard with over 100 keys, we shouldn’t have to explain how that can add up quickly.

Verdict: Your Best Quiet Keyboards

There we go. We spent hours typing on our own keyboards to find the best quiet keyboards for your needs. Whether you’re gaming, typing, or have another use for these keyboards, all five are great if you need a keyboard that’s quiet.

Now, let’s summarize the five again.

First, there’s the Logitech K740. This is a great keyboard to start with. It has quiet keys, a beautiful backlit aesthetic, and it’s a keyboard that’s mid-range in price. The Logitech brand should satisfy most people, especially if you’re looking for a keyboard that is quiet.

Second, we have the Cherry MLX Brown. This is an expensive mechanical keyboard for gaming. However, it has some of the quietest mechanical switches out there. It’s compact with fewer keys, but most people say it’s one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards they’ve ever owned. So if you have some extra money to use on a keyboard, this may be the one for you.

Third, the Arteck 2.4. This is a wireless keyboard. However, it has the quietness and smoothness of one that feels wired. From quiet keys to the ability to stay charged for months, this wireless keyboard should work for most people.

Fourth, we have the VicTsing. This is a budget gaming keyboard. While not a true mechanical keyboard with mechanical switches, it has beautiful lighting and some quiet keys. Those who are looking for a gaming keyboard but don’t want to spend gamer prices should check this one out.

Finally, we have the Logitech K400. This is a wireless keyboard with a built in touchpad. If you use your TV for a computer, or you do some casual gaming, this is a great keyboard with some quiet keys.

And there you have it. There’s a quiet keyboard for every purpose. Whether you want a mechanical gaming keyboard, a keyboard for casual use, keyboard for typing, or you just want a wireless, these keyboards can get you going without being too loud. With any computer, every part matters, from the motherboard to the keyboard. Life is too short to have a keyboard that is too loud or feels too uncomfortable.

Here’s hoping these keyboards work well for you. Check them out, take them for a whirl, and see if they’re to your liking. Chances are, you may find one that offers that quiet, yet smooth experience you are looking for.

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